Sweden Hills Golf Club

Sweden Hills Golf Club
Sweden Hills Golf Club is located adjacent to the Sweden Hills residential area among the gentle hills of the town of Tobetsu, surrounded by flowers and greenery.
As the number of golfers increases year by year since golf is a sport that can be enjoyed by people young and old of both sexes, we have achieved the development of an attractive golf course in harmony with nature. The 27 holes of the Sweden Hills Golf Club are laid out on a vast 150-hectare site, taking advantage of the beautiful greenery and forests of the area.
The courses are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of golfers, with plenty of space and variety.
After enjoying a game of golf in the invigorating air, players can relax and unwind in the attractive clubhouse.
The club also has a teahouse in a Swedish-style house with Scandinavian landscaping and a pro shop, making it popular as a recreational place where people can enjoy their leisure time to the fullest in the great outdoors.
Name Sweden Hills Golf Club
Location 2788-28 Sweden Hills, Tobetsu-cho, Ishikari-gun Hokkaido 061-3777
Phone 0133-26-2321
Fax 0133-26-2974
Opened July 4, 1975
Driving range 250 yards, 20 practice tees
Play fees
Self service Weekdays 13,000 yen
Sundays, and holidays (morning) 23,000 yen
Sundays, and holidays (afternoon) 20,000 yen
Caddy service Weekdays 18,500 yen
Sundays, and holidays (morning) 28,500 yen
Sundays, and holidays (afternoon) 25,500 yen
Twenty-seven holes laid out luxuriously across three courses, the West Course, Center Course, and East Course, on a vast site of 1.55 million square meters. The 18-hole total yardage is an impressive 6,800 yards in any combination. Besides the scale of the courses, the holes at Swedish Hills Golf Club are also constantly evolving. For example, hole No. 6 of the West Course is guarded by a pond and a beach bunker, and hole No. 9 of the Center Course has a creek across the fairway. At times beautifully inviting, at times grandly challenging, each hole demands strategy and skill and brings out the potential of the players.
Holes 27, Par: 108, Yards: 10,267
Driving range 250 yards, 20 practice tees
It consists of three accommodation buildings built by Sweden House.Each of them promises a high level of living performance and a quiet and comfortable indoor environment where you can enjoy an extraordinary experience.Please spend a relaxing and luxurious time with the rich natural scenery spreading outside the window.
weekday,Sundays, and holidays 15,950yen
Friday,Saturday, and the day before holidays 20,350yen
weekday,Sundays, and holidays 21,300yen
Friday,Saturday, and the day before holidays 27,200yen
weekday,Sundays, and holidays 31,900yen
Friday,Saturday, and the day before holidays 40,700yen
weekday,Sundays, and holidays 63,800yen
Friday,Saturday, and the day before holidays 81,400yen
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